BlueFlash Cape Charters & Drysuit Services


 FBUC False Bay Underwater Club is a group of Cape Town divers who enjoy sharing and discussing our underwater adventures. From beginner to technical, we like to learn from each other and promote the sport of diving and the conservation of the environment. Our clubhouse is in Wynberg and we meet every Wednesday evening to socialize, fill cylinders (members get free air) and plan the weekend’s diving.

SURG Southern Underwater Research Group is where divers in the Cape Town region can share their knowledge and experience. SURG will identify any known underwater critter photographed in Cape waters and let you know if you have found something rare or previously unrecorded.


UWA Underwater Africa is the voice of the South African recreational scuba diver. UWA represents divers and the dive industry where regulations and law affects divers.




wikivoyage logo

Wikivoyage For the most complete and accurate info on diving around the Cape Peninsula and in False Bay. Written mainly by Peter Southwood of SURG this is an exceptionally valuable resource for visiting and local divers.



 Marine Scene For the best marine support to the film industry in Cape Town.



sitech logo     SI Tech For info on their range of drysuit components that we recommend and supply.


Adventure Works For corporate team building events and high speed boat trips.


The Viking Commercial Drysuits offer outstanding protection underwater along with the critical non-magnetic profile required for mine clearance missions.




 WaterProof Drysuits is a Swedish drysuits company focusing on sustainability.