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Waterproof D1X Drysuits

BlueFlash is the proud South African supplier of Waterproof products focused primarily on the D1X Hybrid Drysuit. From January 2022 we will be holding stock of some standard sizes in the mens and ladies size ranges and if we don’t have your size we can get it within just 2 to 3 weeks. BlueFlash selected this particular top-end drysuit to add to our product range because we absolutely love it’s quality and unique features. While other manufactures are coming up with their own development features we find that they often make no sense at all but Waterproof’s patented 3D mesh inner on the other hand, is an innovation that makes complete sense to us.

D1X Hybrid Drysuit

The suits outer fabric is soft, flexible and strong Polytech 500 Tri-Lam fabric with decent rubber taped seams. The detachable, integrated 3D Mesh inner insulation lining is truly unique as it provides substantial insulation without the need for (unless required by very cold water) a separate standard drysuit inner suit.

The suit is equipped with a metal shoulder zip with zip cover, SiTech silicon seal systems for the neck and cuffs with warm covers, heavy duty expandable pockets, SiTech valves, Kevlar® fiber reinforced knee pads, and a seam-free crotch area.

The anatomical design allows for enhanced freedom of movement.

R49 950 (incl. VAT)

Included is a great Waterproof dry bag, an inflation hose, a set of spare silicon seals and you get the peace of mind knowing that BlueFlash is here for local fast and efficient after sales service and repairs. We also offer a 20% discount on P-Valves, Waterproof H1 10mm hoods and Ultima dry gloves supplied with new suits.

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