BlueFlash Cape Charters & Drysuit Services

Read This First

Just a few points before you send us your drysuit for repairs:

  • We really appreciate receiving suits for repair that are 100% dry inside and out. We know it’s difficult to dry the inside of some suits boots so we made this little video to show you how to do it:
  • Most of the work we do on suits should be considered major surgery in the life of a suit. We test suits before we send them back but you really should take the suit for a test dive before venturing out with a newly repaired suit on a dive expedition where your suit is critical equipment.
  • We try our best to work as neatly as possible and to get your suit repaired while still keeping it looking good. But sometimes we just can’t get repairs and replacement components to look as neat as the factory fitted originals.
  • Please keep your drysuit’s bag at home when it comes in for repairs. We don’t need it.
  • Please take note of our repairs warranty info under the repairs prices on the repairs page.