BlueFlash Cape Charters & Drysuit Services

Cape Gear Drysuit Care Products & Accessories

  • 7mm Hood
    Ultra Warm for Cold Water
    7mm Hood
  • Leg Gaiters
    Neoprene and Velcro
    One Sizes Fits All
    Leg Gaiters
  • Reel/SMB Combo
    Dive Action Reel with Cape SMB
    75m cord and stainless bolt snap
    R1 150
    Reel Combo
  • SMB
    Welded PVC – Indestructible
    Red or Yellow 1.5m
  • SI Tech Dry Glove Kits & Gloves
    Antares Ring Kit (Oval) R1 050
    Virgo Ring Kit (Round) HD R2 015
    Showa 495 Blue Gloves with liner R860SI Dry Glove
  • SI Tech Silicon Neck Seal 
    Replacement Seal for suits already
    fitted with Si Tech Neck Tite Ring
    Black or Blue  R600
  • SI Tech Silicon Cuff Seals (pair)
    Replacement Seals for suits already
    fitted with Si Tech Cuff Rings
    Black or Blue  R500
  • Technical Divers Dry Gloves
    Latex with Heavy Duty Latex Seal
    For use with Inner Glove
    R1 250
    Technical Divers Dry Gloves
  • Lift Bags
    Heavy Duty Welded PVC
    Dump Valve and Handles
    100Kg: R3 500 200Kg: R4 000
    500Kg: R4 500
    Lift Bags
  • Offshore SMB
    Welded Velmax PVC, Indestructible
    1.8m Lifts 75Kg
  • Apollo Bio Seal – Neck
    Re-usable gel band worn under drysuit
    latex seals. It prevents latex allergies
    and improves seal
    Apollo Bio Seal - Neck
  • Mohair Drysuit Socks
    Ultra Warm
    Salt water Wicking
    Mohair Drysuit Socks
  • Apollo Bio Seal – Cuffs
    Re-usable gel bands worn under
    drysuit latex seals. It prevents latex
    allergies and improves seal. R800
    Apollo Bio Seal Cuffs
  • Tank Holders
    Prevents Cylinders Rolling During
    Transport. Simple and Effective
    Tank Holders
  • P-Valve Condoms
    Men’s – Freedom Cath
    One Sizes Fits Most. R65
    P-Valve Condoms
  • Unscented Talc
    Preserves Latex Seals
    Makes Donning Drysuits Easy. R60
  • Zip Tech
    Waterproof Zip Lubricant
    Paste Consistency
    Zip Tech
  • Aquaseal
    Urathane Sealant
    21g tube
    Aquaseal FW
  • She-P
    Full Starter Kit
    Excludes P-Valve
    See for details

To buy any of these products please e-mail  and I will reply with an invoice including postage if required.

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