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About Us

The Skipper… and a little history

Skipper Grant 250 x 250 FW
Grant Whitford

I have always been an ocean loving seadog with interests in sailing, shipping, navigation, hydrography and oceanography. When I finished school I joined the navy to travel the world driving ships and surveying the seabed to make nautical charts. I learned to dive in 1993 and my fascination with wrecks and treasure hunting began. The navy was great but after 15 years, having traveled the world, studied abroad and become a Lieutenant Commander, I left to work as an underwater surveyor in the Namibian offshore diamond fields. That only lasted 2 years but circumstances then allowed me to start my own business.

I bought my first dive boat, Blue Flame, and started Enviro Divers Charters with Robert Erasmus. I also married Jo-Anne and our son, James was born the following year. I soon found that I needed a bigger boat and an affiliation to a dive shop. I joined Mike Nortje of Pisces Divers and started running Pisces Dive Charters with a new boat named Big Blue. I also qualified as a CMAS Dive Instructor. Pisces grew and prospered but in 2005, I decided to go solo. My boat was blue and my only staff member was Flash, our Golden Retriever, so it made perfect sense to name the business BlueFlash! I opened South Africa’s first drysuit repair workshop and spent time in the UK learning repair techniques and sourcing the required components. In 2008 I splashed out and bought a brand new boat and named her Ruby Runner. Then in December 2016 we launched our own range of drysuits under our Cape Gear brand.

To date (updated 1st March 2020) we have taken 23 120 people diving, done 2 900 individual boat dives, run 833 other charters and repaired 3 092 drysuits.

The Illustrious Crew


First on the list is the incredible Flash hound – The skipper’s first mate. Flash is simply the best dog on the planet. He accompanies us on Ruby Runner if space allows, and serves as security guard and rescue swimmer.

Derrick Duvill
Derrick Duvill

Derrick joined us in February 2012 as a part time drysuit tech and has become a master at repairing drysuits.

Scott Buckley FWSScott Buckley

Scott joined us in August 2018 as a full time drysuit tech, commercial diver and dive instructor.

Sean Sutton FWS 110Sean Sutton

Sean joined us in July 2018 and now works as a part time drysuit tech, commercial diver, dive master and boat skipper.

We understand that what we do at work is a direct reflection of who we are at heart.

We are not here by accident – BlueFlash was created to fill a niche in Cape Town’s diving and charter industries.  We will adapt to the changing requirements of our clients so that we can still be here a hundred years from now. (Not us, I suppose, but certainly BlueFlash!)

We welcome and engage our clients with positivity.

We are professional, industry leading craftsmen and seamen.

We accept responsibility for our mistakes.

We may be a tiny business, but we are growing every year and making a substantial contribution to our industry.

We strive to be at the forefront of technologies that advance our products and services.

We love interacting with like-minded customers who respect our experience and the service we provide.

We offer our services with unexpectedly fast  turn-around times, but never at the expense of quality.

We want our clients to feel that no-one else can do what we do, and wonder why nobody does it the way we do.

We are more than just environmentally conscious – we reduce, re-use and re-cycle to the absolute maximum.

We actively support the Cape Town recreational diving industry and engage with our competitors to find ways of growing and improving our industry together.